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San Jose Studio Closed

Instructor (Sabom Nim) Rich Julius has moved to Durham, North Carolina. He will be accepting students on a private basis in 2008 and is available as a guest sword instructor to martial arts studios in the Research Triangle (Raleigh-Durham) area.

Instructor's Bio

About Head Instructor (Sabom Nim) Rich Julius

Rich began studying Zen Sword in 1981, at the Shim Gum Do Zen Sword Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Rich studied sword and the self-defense system of Ho Shin Sul, and received his first degree black belt in Zen Sword in 1983 at the Shim Gwang Sa Buddhist temple in Boston. In 1986, after learning his second-degree black belt forms, Rich received his Shim Gum Do Instructor certificate in Zen Sword.

In April 2003 Rich received his third degree black belt in Zen Sword from Kwan Um Do Kwang Master Marc Fortin, at the Mountain Spirit Zen Temple in Tahachape, California. In November of 2003 he opened the South Bay Kwan Um Do Kwang school in Cupertino, California.

Rich's teaching style is energetic yet characterized by patience and focus; each technique is taught as both effective swordsmanship and as dynamic meditation. He teaches a range of activities, from sword tournament competition to mindful sword form practice, and maintains an active interest in long stick, shin boep (karate), and ho shin sul (self-defense). Rich allows each student to progress at their own pace, while encouraging them to break through their own mental and physical barriers.